Friday, 23 December 2011

We want more Ryan!


So I was watching Ugly Betty series 4 today (I have the box set :P) and I saw Austin who I like fell in love with the first time round and was wondering if there was anymore information about him around or if he had done any other work since Ugly Betty, which I find he has done snippits of things but nothing big yet, which is a shame I must say, but there is still no information on him which is a tad annoying, not that I'm a stalker or anything but a lot of people have wanted to know more about this lad, espescially the big question 'is he or isn't he gay' but that seems to have been resolved, he is indeed straight.

Anyway, the point of this blog was just sorta an idea to put all the information I know or I think I've worked out about him
in one place and ask if anyone knew anything at all and would care to enlighten the rest of us...

Okay, let's do this.

About Ryan Mcginnis:

1. He is straight.
2. He's a dancer and now also an actor
3. He went to Knecht Dance Academy in Levittown, Pennsylvania.
4.This leads me to guess he was born/lives in ....
5.He has been a backing dancer in iCarly (iDream of dance)
6. Backing dancer for Victorious - Finally Falling (Tori the Zombie)
7. He played Glenn Childs Jr. in 2 episodes of The Good Wife (on tap and great firewall)
8. He appeared in Law and Order: Criminal Intent (Family Values)
9. Now set to play Logan in Gayby, a new US comedy series starting sometime in 2012 (shame I live in England innit)
10. I think he is 17 because Mark I..., who plays Justin Suarez in Ugly Betty is so it makes sense.
11. He likes waist coats (he wear one in UB and Victorious and seen as they have a say into what they wear... ya know :])
12. He was dance masters of America's petite master dance of America in 2006 (it says petite but it should be petit cause he's a boy)
13. He is American.

Thinking that's about it so yeah, hope this was informative if not then it supported your other ideas/ theories or whatever ahah.
Leave your comments :)

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year everyone!

loads of love,

Charly xxx